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About Us

Our Story

At the Tee Bag, tee shirt store in Berkeley Heights NJ, we pride ourselves on the idea that we are a small, local business capable of delivering both individual and large quantities of quality imprinted and embroidered goods.  

Our History

In 1978 we opened our original retail location at 424 Springfield Avenue in Berkeley Heights, NJ-- next to Benham's Garage.  Our main service was heat pressing transfers and letters onto individual tee shirts and hats.  Kids from Berkeley Heights would save up their money, come in and choose a design from our selection on the wall and we'd press it on a shirt for them.  A tee shirt cost around $4.50 back then.  


Think late seventies and early eighties and glitter--now it's considered retro--Yikes!

We were a spot for the original Columbia Middle School gym shirts.  Imagine our surprise in September of our first year in business, when we had no idea that each and every student at CMS needed a tee shirt with their name on it for gym class. When kids and parents started lining up after the first day of school, we worked our tails off and quickly exhausted our supply of letters.  Live and learn, right?

When we were a young company--in more ways than one--we had a screen printer that completed our bulk tee shirt orders for us.  We had a manual embroidery machine where Sue would embroider items like shirt cuffs and towels and things like that.  

Eventually, in the late 1980's, we moved across the street to 425 Springfield Avenue and established a screen printing location off site.  We entered the world of automated embroidery and have been embroidering quality monogrammed products on site ever since.  

About a dozen years ago, we moved into our current location, 413 Springfield Avenue.  We proudly serve the families, contractors, schools and organizations who have worn our apparel over the years.  We are honored by the number of customers whose joke tee shirts, family reunion tees, Mother's Day gifts and one of a kind tee shirts we have been able to create over the course of our near 40 years in business.  

So if you've got an idea, we'll help you get it on to a tee shirt!